Ouchies Reusable Plush Ice Pack, Cold Pack - Panda

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When your child needs ice or a little comfort due to a small scrape or bruise, our Ice Packs and cold packs have a soft plush exterior with a Velcro opening to hold the gel ice pack inside of its belly. Throw it in the freezer to have ready for fevers, scrapes or bruises. Place satin side down, and thanks to the plush animal, no cold hands!  


Some fun facts about Pandas:


  • Pandas tend to live longer in captivity than in the wild.
  • Pandas symbolize peace in China. Hundreds of year ago, a flag waved between two warring factions was a sign of a truce or to stop a battle.
  • Pandas spend 14-16 hours a day eating.
  • The Red Panda and Giant Panda share the same diet, but the Red Panda is in the Raccoon Family while the Giant Panda is in the Bear Family.
  • Bring your bank account if you want a Panda in your zoo. The Panda is rented to zoos for about 1 million dollars a year! Those zoos with Giant Pandas are in Washington DC, Atlanta, San Diego, and Memphis.

Our Giant Panda represents the 1000 Giant Pandas that are their current population. Scientists hope to grow the number of Wild Giant Pandas to 5,000 by 2025.