Ouchies Reusable Plush Ice Pack, Cold Pack - Chipmunk

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Product Description

When your child needs ice or a little comfort due to a small scrape or bruise, our Ice Packs and cold packs have a soft plush exterior with a Velcro opening to hold the gel ice pack inside of its belly. Throw it in the freezer to have ready for fevers, scrapes or bruises. Place satin side down, and thanks to the plush animal, no cold hands!  


Some fun facts about Chipmunks: 

  • A chipmunk's cheeks can expand up to 3 times the size of its head.
  • One chipmunk can store up to 8 lbs. of food it its burrow.
  • A group of chipmunks is called a scurry
  • A chipmunk's burrow can run as long 30 feet with a width up to 3 feet, and they are very tidy and organized. The burrows have separate sections for food, for rest and for babies. If you plan to pay a visit to a Chipmunk, you might want to use a coaster.

Our cute little chipmunk represents the Neotamias palmeri species more commonly known as the Palmer's Chipmunk and is on the endangered species list. The Palmer's Chipmunk can be found in Southwestern Nevada and is restricted in area by dry desert surrounding its current habitat on Mount Charleston. This chipmunk has also lost population due to urban development and the threat that comes from the common house cat.