Ouchies Reusable Plush Ice Pack, Cold Pack - Horse

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When your child needs ice or a little comfort due to a small scrape or bruise, our Ice Packs and cold packs have a soft plush exterior with a Velcro opening to hold the gel ice pack inside of its belly. Throw it in the freezer to have ready for fevers, scrapes or bruises. Place satin side down, and thanks to the plush animal, no cold hands!  


Some fun facts about the Hackney Horse:


  • Hackneys originated in Norfolk England
  • Due to it's incredible stamina and speed, a Hackney could cover 17 miles in just under 1 hour, and a distance of 100 miles in under 10 hours.
  • Hackneys were used as light cavalry in the numerous wars and skirmishes during the period of King Henry VIII's reign.
  • Once the railroad took over as a more common form of transportation  for long distances, more attention was paid to  the style of the horse's gait as opposed to stamina.
  • Once the hackney's high stepping gait became it's most unique feature, they could be found pulling carriages for the wealthy, taking farmers to the market, and taking nobleman out for a day's hunting.
  • Automobiles had the Hackney horse standing in the unemployment line
  • Today, the Hackney horse can be found in show and competition rings, but still possess a great deal of stamina.


We feature our representation of the Hackney horse which is considered critically endangered. The Hackney has a global population of approximately 3,000.