Ouchies Reusable Plush Ice Pack, Cold Pack - Goat

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When your child needs ice or a little comfort due to a small scrape or bruise, our Ice Packs and cold packs have a soft plush exterior with a Velcro opening to hold the gel ice pack inside of its belly. Throw it in the freezer to have ready for fevers, scrapes or bruises. Place satin side down, and thanks to the plush animal, no cold hands!  


Some fun facts about Goats:


  • Goats do not eat tin cans. They are browsers as opposed to being grazers and while browsing, a goat may eat anything that resembles wooden vegetation and plants. This would include cardboard and paper, so what they're really after is that label on the can!
  • Goats are incredibly agile, and can stand on small cliff ledges and in trees. Their ability to balance so well in these narrow areas can help keep them safe from those hunting them.
  • Goats are 1 of 4 mammals that are capable of picking up an accent. Move them to a new group of goats and they develop the same accent as their new friends. Dolphins and elephants can also pick up accents. The other mammal that can pick up an accent? Humans!
  • Goats can be taught to answer to their name and to come to you when called. Here Fido!  

Our goat represents the Icelandic goat. It is found almost exclusively in Iceland and is the only farm animal supported by the Icelandic government for the purpose of ensuring its survival.