Pro+ect Antibacterial Wound Wash


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First aid to help prevent the risk of bacterial contamination on minor cuts, scrapes and bruises 

Thanks to new bag on valve technology, our Antiseptic Wound Wash sprays upside down or right side up! The 4 oz. can is small enough to  fit into medicine cabinets. Don't let the size fool you, it holds as much as some cans that are much larger. There are no fluorocarbons and nearly every drop of product is evacuated from the can.  

See label for directions on use, ingredients, and other specifications

Our 4 ounce Wound Wash produces a steady stream to effectively irrigate a wound.  

Easy to use, no squeezing or pumping needed!

Contents remain sterile until they are dispensed from the can.

Gentle enough to use on kids, no harmful vapors, non-irritating