Ouchies World Travelerz 41 pc First Aid Kit


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Travel the World with Ouchies 41 pc First Aid Kit!


Pack your bags, grab your passport and visit 20 different countries!


Our kit offers two size bandages, each with 10 different countries representing continents from all over the globe.


Our World Travelerz kit includes:


15 – ¾” x 2.2” Adhesive Bandages


15 – ¾” x 2.8” Adhesive Bandages


1 – Roll Stretch Adhesive Tape


2 – 3” x 3” Gauze Pads


6 – BZK Antiseptic Swabs


1 – ID Bracelet for your name, contact information, allergies (removable with alcohol if permanent ink not used)


1 – Passport Book! In your {Passport Book, you will find first aid instructions, along with descriptions and fun facts about all 20 countries!


1 – Piece of Luggage (6.5” x 4” x 1.7”) to contain everything from your first aid kit. Suitcase is functional and works like a real suitcase complete with 4 wheels and a handle that extends to 8.65”.


1 – Luggage Tag shows everything inside your suitcase for easy reference.



There’s more in store for our new exciting World Travelerz line. Stay tuned!